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When a gamer got virus on his pc PART-1.
Hello freinds my name is Om prakash and I this is my 2nd video on YouTube. In this video there is 2 part of video one is this and 2nd will be coming soon.. So friend enjoy my video and don't forget to subscribe my channel...... Thanks ;)
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When a Gamer buys a New Gaming PC
hello! guys thanks for atching my video . I am going to tell you that this is my first video on YouTube. I have done very hard working to make this video . plzz guys subcribe my channel for more video and don't forget to comment for my next video Thanks!!!!
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When a gamer got virus on his pc. PART-2
Hello guys I am #OM PRAKASH and I am again back with my next video sorry I get too late for making this video because I use desktop and I am out of station from 1 month so,now enjoy this video. And don't forget to like, subscribe and comment my video..... I have a idea for you all guys that is you can give your idea for my next video in comment box.. I will try to make it soon...... Bye bye...
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When a gamer has result in his school.
Hello guys I am #Om_Prakash and I'm again back with my new video so I hope you enjoy this video So thanks and don't forget to subscribe By by....
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